Los Calientabanquillos Tiernan bailey

Director - Dennis Dugan

Escritores - Allen Covert, Nick Swardson

Estrellas - David Spade, Rob Schneider, Jon Heder

Valorar - B

Distribuido por - USA

Fecha de lanzamiento - 07 de abril de 2006

Duración de la película - 80 minutos

Citar - (Espanol) Le dije a Gus que sería estar allí y si no demuestran para arriba, eso me hace un mentiroso... y eso no lo estoy... ¡No ahora, no nunca! / (English) I told Gus that we would be there, and if we don't show up, that makes me a liar... and that's not what I'm about... Not now, NOT EVER!

Resumen - The Benchwarmers is a story about the underdogs that overcome the bullies to win it all.

Why I chose this movie - I chose this movie because I felt it told a good story about the people who can't fight for themselves and turned it into an a story about people overcoming fears.

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