Week 7 year 1

We used different ways to measure. We predicted and then measured accurately. It is important to use the same unit of measure and start at the same point.

Some of us used cubes, some of us used a standard unit of measure.

We also went to Elswick Park for Seeds for Change.

We threashed wheat, ground it into flour, and made pizza dough.

The pizza was delicious. We also planted garlic, shallots and wheat. We tried different herbs and found apple and pear trees.

We talked about measuring again, year 1 we able to measure and order themselves.

We spent some time looking at a very grown up book. It discusses the plight of refugees. We looked only at the first page. After much discussion, we made predictions about what may happen. We were distressed about the events that may happen.

We met Megan. She came into school to show us how to be safe. We had to decide what makes a kind friend. She was really helpful. We now know how to be a good friend and make positive relationships.