Colonial Education BY:KRISTJAN


Did you know that education in the colonial times was different? Yes it was very different! Some schools had students for more then half of the day! Most of the education in colonial times depended on the family wealth and status, the first colleges were very old and what they learned is not as different as today! Plus back then there were not as many schools as there are today! There's so many more differences than you would think about colonial education!

What they learned

Both genders went to elementary school to learn literacy, write words, read books, cipher codes, and learn the bible or any other religion. College students studied science, like physics, languages, and math. Since law was becoming popular, a ton of people chose that as a career. Those are some thing's that they learned.

How long people went to School and who went to school

Schools mostly existed in New England compared to the Middle and Southern Colonies. From people's point of view they said that how much education that a person got mostly relied on the on the person's family and social status. Mostly kids got home schooled by their family/older siblings, but some got private tutors or went to school then to a university or a collage. Then all black children went without school for their lives. Not many people went to school because they didn't have the resources.

Even though not everyone went to school or without some education we still got smarter. Since only some went to school not as many got as smart but the others still got educated.

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