Interview Final laney latta

WHAT WAS THE POINT OF YOUR LIFE? "The point of our life to support our country and to defend it at any time."

HOW DO YOU THINK YOU WILL ACTUALLY BE REMEMBERED? "We will be remembered as people who strongly support the U.S. and defend our country."

WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR BIGGEST SUCCESS? "Our biggest success is probably defending our country from people who don't like our country or wanna start a war."

DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS? "No we don't have any regret cause our country is the best."

WOULD OR COULD YOU DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY, IF SO, HOW? "No, who wouldn't want to support their country that people fought hard for and gave their life for."

DID YOU GET HATED ON FOR BEING A PATRIOT? "Yes, many people hated patriots, those were the people who didn't support their country and people who are against our country."

ARE YOU PROUD TO BE A PATRIOT? "I'm very proud to be a patriot because showing all my respect for the people who fought for the country and i have no problem supporting my country now!"

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