The Hunger Games By: Abby Strother

Panem is a version of America, split into 13 districts. The capital rules over it all and to show it they destroyed the 13th district when it tried to rebel. These 12 districts have a celebration each year, known as The Hunger Games. In The Hunger Games, one man and one women are picked from each district and thrown in a arena to fight to the death. Katniss Everdeen is a 16 year old girl who lives in district 12. She has a little sister Prim, and a best friend Gale. Katniss became the leader of her family when her dad died and her mom fell into depression. Now her name is put into the choosing for The Hunger Games so her family can have food, although it does carry the risk of being picked.

Katniss and Gale escape each day into the woods to go hunting. Today Gale offered Katniss to run away with him, the thought sounds impossible and when she thinks of leaving her sister the thought makes her sick.

Today is the day of the choosing, each has to dress in their best and act as normal as possible. Everyone gathers together in the square for the choosing. When Prims name is called Katniss goes into shock. She volunteers for her sister and to her suprise Peeta, her classmate, is also picked to be with her in the arena.

Peeta and Katniss get on a train to leave and are allowed a few visitors. Katniss gets the expected visits, Prim and her mom, and Gale promising to keep them save. Although there is one person who comes in that she wasn't expecting, Madge, her "sort of" friend that is the daughter of the mayor. She gives Katniss a golden pin that she says will keep her safe. The pin has a Mockingjay on it. A Mockingjay is a bird that the government made up in the wars to spy on people, but they eventually bred with other birds and now are useless. Although since the pin reminds Katniss of memories of her dad, this is sentimental to her.

Katniss and Peeta have interviews and the opening ceremony before The Hunger Games to create sponsors for themselves. In the opening ceremony Katniss's designer, Cinna, puts her and Peeta in costumes that light fake fire. Ever since them Katniss is known as "The Girl On Fire". At the interviews after the opening ceremony, Caesar ask them questions about themselves and their life back home. Peeta ends up telling him that he loves Katniss. Katniss is furious, but their advisor, Haymitch, thinks that this will help both of them get sponsors. Now they're known as "The Star-Crossed Lovers".

When the games finally start Peeta teames up with the strongest group of people to hunt Katniss down. When Katniss learns this she has more of a reason not to come out of hiding. She travels everyday and has started to hunt and gather for food. But the capital is thinking she is doing to well and tries to kill her with a forest fire. Although Katniss is severely burned she's not dead.

Katniss makes a alliance of her own when her and Rue team up to try to beat the strongest group. When Katniss sees Rue in a tree and few yards away, Rue makes a motion towards the tracker-jacker nest just feet above Katniss. Katniss decides to cut the nest down so it lands on the strongest group that are sleeping below her, and keeping her hostage in a tree. When the nest falls the deadly venom kills some of them but not all.

Katniss got stung too by the tracker-jackers. The venom made her pass out for a few days. Luckily Rue was there to take care of her. When Katniss finally woke, her and Rue hunted, gathered and cared for each other. Then they came up with a plan to blowup everything that the strongest group had collected. Although it worked, Rue got shot in the process and died. Katniss made a grave for her in the meadows and made sure the capital knew she had cared for Rue.

After Rue died Katniss changed, she wanted to win and she knew she had to survive for Rue. When Katniss found Peeta he was hurt and dying. She nursed him back to health and survived together while fake falling in love to keep up the sponsors.

There was another blood bath at the end when it was only Peeta, Katniss, and Cato. Cato was the leader of the strongest group, although everyone else is dead but them. All of them have to escape wild dogs and get cornered together and fight to the death. It was Peeta and Katniss against Cato. When Cato lost, Katniss and Peeta had a difficult decision to make. They choose someone to kill, or they could both commit suicide and no one would win the games. The decision was made and Katniss grab poison berries so they could both die without killing each other. When the capital figured out what they were going to do they announced both of them winners.

When they got back they kept up the love act to keep the capital from punishing them. Little did Katniss know that Peeta was actually in love with her. When Peeta found out that Katniss didn't really love him he was heartbroken, but kept up the act. When they finally get back to district 12 they stepped off the train as victors.


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