Scout's Experiences by jace varela

Scouts Important Items

Objects in the Tree- Boo Radley left many things in the tree which lead Scout to learn a very important lesson. The lesson that Scout ends up learning is to never judge a person by something that you have heard. Scout thought that Boo Radley was a monster but he ends up saving both her and Jem's life.

Rolly Polly- Scout finds a rolly polly in the kitchen and this teaches her an important lesson about how someone should never kill something that is innocent and that is causing no harm to anyone.

Rifle- Scout and Jem were complaining about how Atticus was old and never did anything. This was until a rabid dog was on their street, Jem and Scout soon find out their "boring dad" was the deadest shot in the Maycomb county. This teaches Scout a lesson to never take anything for granted and always be thankful for what you have.

Baton- Scout and Jem just got home from the store and Jem had bought Scout a baton. On the way home Jem had remembered what Mrs. Dubose had said about him and Atticus. Jem gets very angry and breaks Scout's baton and whacks all of Mrs. Dubose bushes and destroys them. This teaches Scout a lesson about how you should always respect everybody because they could be going through a very rough time that you do not know about.

Pink Sunday Dress- Throughout the book Scout has to learn how to grow up. She often looks at what her Aunt is wearing and what Miss Maudie is wearing. She likes to wear her overalls more but she learns an important lesson about maturing and being more lady-like.

Jace's Important Items

My Dog Scout- My dog Scout is a very important item that taught me an important life lesson. This taught me a great deal of responsibility as I need to feed her, give her water, play with her, and make sure she does not escape out of the backyard.

First Car- My first car has taught me a lot. It teaches me to be respectful to others on the road, and to always pay attention because a crash can be very dangerous and cost a lot of money. It also taught me to take car of your things because no one wants to drive a messy car.

Academic Letter- My Academic Letter taught me some lessons. First off it taught me to always try in school, many of my friends do not even care about school but I was determined to get a letter so I kept trying because I want to go to college off of a scholarship and not have to pay a lot.

Gold Card- Mt Gold Card taught me a lesson that hard work pays off. By working hard in the 3rd quarter by getting all A's, never being late to school, and not getting into any trouble I get to get out of two finals.

Lawn Mower- The lawn mower teaches me an important lesson about responsibility. Mowing the lawn is my chore and I need to do it so that the house looks nice. If I don't mow the lawn I will be in trouble.


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