Money Management Mariah Rodriguez

I make $2,000 a month

I owe $1,000 in rent

I spend $500 on utilities and gas for my car.

This is a variable expense because I could drive more one month then the other.

I spend $250 per month on groceries

This is a variable expense as well because I could buy more food one month then the other.

Problem: I have 2 concert tickets that cost $300 in total. My car breaks down and it cost $250 to repair it. The car must be fixed in order to keep my job.

Solution: Sell the concert tickets. After all of my monthly expenses I'm left with $250, which is enough to pay for my car fix, but with selling the concert tickets and making back the $300, I have extra cash incase of another emergency or to put into savings and go to the concert another time.


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