Co2 Emissions By Jarrett watkins

Carbon dioxide has been destroying Earths atmosphere. The most common producers of Carbon dioxide are humans, animals, vehicles, and big factories. Co2 emissions are the main contributor to anthropogenic climate change. Co2 is released by the burning on fossil fuels. such as oil, natural gas, and coal.Most vehicles use a catalytic converter to make it quieter, but it also cleans the toxins and pollutants to less toxic pollutants.

Many people don't realize how much they do to pollute the atmosphere. Many people smoke,drive,fly,breathe,and work with things that burn off co2. I haven't noticed how much I have contributed to co2 emissions until my researching started. Many Japanese sports cars are banned from the United States because the emission standards are different there. for example, the s15 Nissan Silvia is banned from the US

Regular vehicles are not the only vehicles that pollute the Earths atmosphere. Race cars have less restrictions to the amount of co2 being emmited because racers are thinking about having as much power as possible. Most race cars do not have a muffler or catalytic converter because they restrict the exhaust flow. (less exhaust flow means less power.
This video shows how much carbon dioxide is around us everyday without even thinking about it. There is more co2 than what we can imagine. co2 is everywhere and we have to try to limit it. I don't think we can stop it or prevent it from happening but what we can do is limit it.

To limit co2 we can shut off our cars if busy traffic. If the vehicle is at a stop light and there is going to be a longer than normal wait the just shut it off and start it back up before the light turns green. Another way to produce less co2 is to use electric or manual lawn tools vgf


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