Reflective Log Journal 2 20/03/2017 (Shawn maiden)

This is the first day of the second week, and me and Thomas have already recorded our conversation about what we have already achieved and what we want to achieve, though most of the conversation explained what we are doing this week. The plan for this week is to create our project proposal and i feel like me and Thomas can do this but it will take time as we are limited to how many days we have in Games Design.

Tuesday me and Thomas had started the presentation's main points, such as the the meaning behind it. We have almost finished the presentations and we're happy with what we've done.

Wednesday was spent adding the finishing touches and we had finally finished the presentation, and we both agree that it does need more work but it should do well for now.

Thursday, we had shown our presentation and we both feel pretty happy with the feedback we have been given, the feedback was to use less words, and add more detail about why we have made the prototype.

Friday, today we had finally finished our presentation and showed it to David and Adam, we thought it would have went good but no, instead we got lectured and our confidence has greatly went down. Though we do feel like we know what to do now, so its a fair trade.

Throughout this week, I wish I could have changed a few things around, what I would have liked to change is the presentation because I feel like there was a majority of things that could have been added to the presentation, and we was also told that too.

The main problem encountered through this week is the amount of feed back we had gathered, we had gathered a lot from Adam and David to improve throughout the weeks to come.

I disliked how the presentation was very small, but I did like how we finished it in time for Adam and David to look at it, even though we got bad marks at least it was finished. The feed backs provided were to add the character designs and add more depth about the game onto the presentation.

I feel like I could have done more, and made the presentation more interesting for people to read and listen to, hopefully that will be achieved within the future.

This week was decently harsh on me and Thomas as a whole, but I'm glad it was so now we can improve

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