John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck was a man who learned slower than others and struggled in certain areas of knowledge that are used on a daily bases such as reading, writing, and talk.

a caregiver is a person who caresfor another that has a sickness or that has a child. Some challenges caregivers face are communication and listening skills.

In the 1930’s mentally disabled were looked down upon for being considered “stupid” Today, mentally disabled are treated more kindly and many presidents have set acts to make housing and improve the life of a disabled patient.

The role of a friend of a disabled person is to keep them from isolation and listen to them when they need to talk and support their decisions.

The disabled show us that we can find happiness in any day life and that friends help us in any trusted environment.

the American Disabilities Act or IDEA is an act that prevents the discrimination of people with disabilities

If you wanted to become friends with a someone who has special need than you can show your concern and sympathy for them and listen to them.

John Steinbeck was born in february 27 ,1902. He lacked an education but he had some literary ability. He also wrote a biography that wasn't published until 200 years after his death. He eventually moved to Monterey in 1928. He married Carol Henning in 1930. He died on december 20th, 1968.

While steinbeck was a youth he was read to from many different books such as the bible, robin hood, and treasure island. He also worked on a ranch in which he was encouraged to write mice of men.

His work usually dealt with social and economic issues in rural america. He also dealt with economic of rural.

His philosophies are made up of very interesting essays that bravely promote his philosophy.

Salinas Valley was his hometown and where he grew up. He lived there until he went to stanford university in 1919.

Strawberries, lettuce, tomatoes and spinach where the main crops grown in the valley.the industries where food production and cultivation, food process, vineyards and wine farms management, environmental protection and conservation, pest and disease control, machinery for production.

Weed is located in northern part of california, salinas is located in in the west side of california, and salinas river goes through the salinas city.,d.amc&psig=AFQjCNG6RALh8iZb5SK20d4J3yu6lN6YZw&ust=1484366063117971 file:///Users/tdilbe06200/Desktop/caregiver.jpg file:///Users/tdilbe06200/Desktop/250px-Weed_CA.jpg file:///Users/tdilbe06200/Desktop/Fruit_Stall_in_Barcelona_Market.jpg file:///Users/tdilbe06200/Desktop/friends.jpg file:///Users/tdilbe06200/Desktop/economy.jpg file:///Users/tdilbe06200/Desktop/life%20is%20good.jpg file:///Users/tdilbe06200/Desktop/philosophy1small.jpg file:///Users/tdilbe06200/Desktop/ear.jpg

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