Florida Keys 5 themes of geography


  • Relative location: South of florida, surrounded by water
  • Absolute location: Latitude:24° 40' 1.515" Longitude:-81° 34' 59.3116"


Physical features: 1700 Islands, Atlantic ocean

Major Cities: Key West

Climate: average 78 degrees

Animals: Fish, Sharks, Birds, Crab.

altitude: 18 feet

Population: 79,535

language: mainly English but spanish too

Economics: broadly urban with a large youth population and many college campuses that are dependent on tourism.

Human Environment Interaction:

Negative: Impacts include water pollution, increased invasive species, overfishing, negative effects from boating and urban development, and global climate change.

Positive: Planting more orange trees


Types: shuttle, Airplane, ferry service, taxis


archipelago, Florida, North America


Created with images by RennyScher - "florida sunset sea" • Boston Public Library - "Map of Florida" • jwright4701 - "florida sunset" • Richard Allaway - "Overfished? Wet market in Hong Kong, China" • Martin Pettitt - "Airplane" • Ylvers - "archipelago sailboat mast"

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