Tremendous Weekly Content Review 11-21 -- 11-27

Hi all! Well, with the holidays hitting pretty hard this week, what with both Turkey Day AND Black Friday mega shopping weekend, most of our plates were quite full (har har!) However, the Content Team was still able to produce amazing T9A content for the world. So if you got caught up in the crazy of the holiday this week (I know I did!) and missed out on some content fear not! Here is a review of all the great stuff that was produced this week!

Starting us off right this week is GENEPHELPS (Wargaming from the Balcony) and their review video of the Orcs and Goblins Army Book v1.2! This is a great review of the Green skinned savages!

RASMUS7814 hits us with another great battle report of the SA vs VS. Nothing like seeing the lizards trying to eat the rats!

Next up SIRMC2015 (Green Dragon Gaming) Delivers us a few reports where Elves and rats attempt to take down few more of the Dwarven Strongholds. I enjoyed the heck out of these reports!

GODBOLD of The Fantasy Wargaming Podcast hits us up with Episode 15 this week! In it the guys talk about their current Hobby obsessions and a Reading Warfare Tournament. They are also having a competition where the winner gets a new Battle Mat courtesy of Goblin Gaming! Which is pretty dang cool!

Podcast Experts!

HENRYPMILLER (AMMERTIME Podcast) brings us a really incredible tutorial this week that shows his creative process on how he makes his banners. This is excellent stuff for anyone that wants their banners to stand out, for the right reasons!


SKAVENINAZ is up next with two new battle reports! This week his rodents take on some respectable demons, and then finish up their pillaging with a raid on some Elves. Gotta love watching the Vermin General work!

None other than the Godfather himself is up next!!! ONCEBITTEN360 gives us a Thanksgiving treat with a CRAZY Beast Herds Monster mash Battle Report! This is a list he is practicing with for the Grail Quest GT. There are no fewer than FIVE Monsters in this list. Go check it out!


2DSICK is up next with a painting video! This week we get to watch this artist knock out his BSB which ends up pretty impressive! Looking for inspiration? This is your guy!

The WAARGH! Master himself is up next. WARBOSS TOOTH (Chihammer) brings us Game #3 of the WCW GT he attended! In it a bunch of Sylvan infused Elves try to beat the green out of Chihammer's orcs. I'm not sure if that's racist, but its an excellent battle report to watch!


TUNASANDWICHIFY is up next and this week he brings us another excellent battle reports where his Warriors of the Dark Gods take on the Demonic Legions. Nothing like watching these two factions beat the crap out of each other!

The Orange Road!

Finishing us off this week is none other than the Legend himself, BLONDE BEER (The Orange Road). This week he brings us four Battle Reports where his Sonnstahl army attempts to take over the world! If you're looking for Reports that are just great fun, look no further! These are great!

And that does it for this week! As always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or complaints, feel free to contact me on the forums and we can address the situation as you see fit! Hope you enjoyed this week's AMAZING Content! THANKS!

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