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Project Background: Emotion. How you feel. Emotion can be defined as a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one's circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. Belief. What you think. The definition of belief is trust, faith, or confidence in someone or something. What is the correlation between these two concepts? In terms of knowledge questions, are emotions linked to belief? Our experiment will test the correlation between emotion and belief. Our hypothesis states that the way someone feels can influence what they think. We tested this hypothesis by asking teachers and students the following 4 questions: Do you think the way you feel affect your belief? What are your beliefs about the U.S. government? How do you feel about the POTUS? Do you think the way you feel about Donald Trump affects your beliefs of the United States government?

Presentation/Findings: Through our experiment, we were not able to find a direct, set correlation between belief and emotion. Yes, emotions can affect what you believe, but in the example and the questions that we used, we found that some people’s emotions about the President did and did not affect what they thought of the government system as a whole. Not only that, but we found that the last question, when we asked for the subject to connect how they felt and how they think together was difficult to answer. This can be due to the fact that we subconsciously let our emotions alter what we believe. In conclusion, our hypothesis was somewhat incorrect as the way someone feels can sometimes influence what they think.


  • Sarah Sharf-Aldin
  • Antoine Clocher, Thomas Vincent, Preeti Iyengar
  • Date: February 13th - February 22nd
  • Badge Title: WOK Badge: Emotion
  • Thoughts or Feelings?

2/13/2017: Today, we learned about the way of knowing of emotion. I realized that is is the most mysterious way of knowing because we don’t understand how it works.It is one of the most difficult ways of knowing to understand. Although it is the most mysterious, it is the most powerful way of knowing. It works without us knowing, as it is self-conscious. It can not be controlled as you can try to hide your emotions, but they’re always there. This is a very interesting way of knowing and I am very excited to explore it.

2/15/2017: This way of knowing is very challenging. It’s like we know what we want to do, but we don’t. Although, I think that we kind of have come to decide that we want to answer the question of whether we can control our emotions or not. We are mainly having trouble just finding an experiment or a way to present this question. I think that is our main goal today is to find a way to experiment with that questions.

2/17/2017 (Beginning of Class): For the project, we have already begun filming our video. We decided to explore whether emotions always linked to belief. In order to do this, we decided to ask people of all different age groups the same question in order to determine whether their opinion has an impact on how passionate they are about the question. We decided that the question will be, “How do you feel about America as a country?” Today, our primary goal is to begin producing the documentary and see how many people are still remaining to film.

2/17/2017 (End of Class): Today, we continued to view how emotion can affect our perspective and our beliefs. We did have some trouble today as we couldn’t apply our knowledge question to what our project was all about, but we managed to edit our project to make the knowledge question applicable. We are not as prepared as we should be as we just made some major changes to our project. We still have a lot to do especially filming and making the documentary. I think our primary goal by the end of the day is to have all of our subjects filmed.

Summary and Reflective Journal: Overall, I think that this was a great project that was a great learning experience. The project was very beneficial to trying to learn and understand the Way of Knowledge of emotion. We started off reading a chapter and trying to understand vocabulary terms to ending with an amazing documentary that we are very satisfied with. It provided a great insight on our knowledge question and the concept of emotion. At the beginning of this project, there was a lot of independence as one had to read and understand the chapter. Your group members were always there for support or any questions, but I felt as if you got out as much as you put in trying to understand the chapter. After taking the quiz, the project became very revolved around working as a group. We were very stumped on finding a project to do to correctly portray emotion. In my opinion, emotion is one of the most difficult ways of knowing to portray in a project. We decided on the knowledge question, which was "are emotions always linked to belief?", that we wanted to represent from the beginning. It became a matter of formulating an experiment that provides us with the data that we are looking for. The biggest problem that I think was making the project apply to the knowledge question. At first, we wanted to ask one question, which was "How do you feel about America as a whole?" and see how it differs from age group to age group. We then realized that this project only projects how our subjects feel and not their belief or what they think. Once we edited that problem, the project continued to go uphill. I feel as if everyone in the group made a great contribution and that the project was very successful. Our hypothesis stated that the way someone feels can influence what they think. This project made me realize that there is no direct, set correlation between belief and emotion. Also, we learned that we subconsciously let their emotions alter what we believe. In conclusion, our hypothesis was somewhat incorrect as the way someone feels can sometimes influence what they think. This project was a lot of fun and I learned a lot, not only about emotion, but also about planning and working within a group.


The Syrian Civil War has been occurring for nearly 7 years now, as it began in March of 2010. Many people around the world were not really knowledgable about what was happening within the country or knew but disregarded it. In 2015, a photo was released of a body lying face down on a beach in Turkey of a Syrian refugee boy who was three-years-old. The lifeless body was washed ashore after the rubber boat that was carrying him and his family flipped on their way to a new life in Greece. This photo was able to become viral on many social networks all over the world. After this photo went viral, it was noticed that donations to the Swedish Red Cross campaign for Syrian refugees were 55 times greater. The question that arises is why did this one photo create so many feelings in all of these people. Emotion. People's emotions can heavily affect their knowledge and belief allowing them to take initiative. This article was very interesting and provided some very reasonable statistics.


livineI chose this resource as an external resource because I felt as it relative and would be a great source to add to the existing elective reading list. Within the sources provided, we do not have a way of knowledge associated with a body connection. This source was related to one of the essential questions of this way of knowing, "Can/should we control our emotions?" Within this article, we are presented with information trying to persuade us that our emotions can potentially have negative or positive affects on our health. People who have good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They have learned healthy ways to cope with the stress and problems that are a normal part of life. They feel good about themselves and have healthy relationships. Although, many things that happen in your life can disrupt your emotional health and lead to strong feelings of sadness, stress, or anxiety. Towards the end of this article, it provides us with tips and tricks to help us control our emotions to live a healthier life. Some of these tips include expressing our feelings in appropriate ways, living a balanced life, developing resilience, and many more suggestions. This was a very interesting approach towards the way of knowing of emotion.

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