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Anne frank house

Anne frank and her family lived in a secret house behind a book shelf for two years in order to hide from the Germans who were set out to capture them. There were a few other families who hid with the Frank's.. They had to be very cautious not to make any noise so they wouldn't be caught. One day a kid was playing in the court yard and heard Anne and her sister making noise. Eventually, Anne and her family were found by German soldiers.

National monument on dam square

The monument and the lion remind us about the effects of world war 2. They represent all of the people who died to during the war. Every four years, a ceremony is held at this monument. People gather to reminisce on the ones who have fallen and remind themselves how great full they are that they have a life to live and they should live it to their fullest extent.


This diagram represents the laws in which if you have any Jewish heritage from 50% Jewish to 1/16th jewish you are still considered 100% jewish which wasn't very fair

1. Marriage between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood are forbidden. Marriages nevertheless concluded are invalid, even if concluded abroad to circumvent the law. Annulment proceedings can be initiated only by the State Prosecutor.

2. Extramarital intercourse between Jews and subjects of the state of German or related blood is forbidden.

3. Jews may not employ in their household female subjects of the state of German or related blood who are under 45 years old.

Jews are forbidden to fly the Reich or National flag or to display the Reich colors. They are, on the other hand, permitted to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this right is protected by the State.

4. Any person who violates the prohibition under I will be punished by a prison sentence with hard labor. A male who violates the prohibition under I will be punished with a prison sentence with or without hard labor.

5. Any person violating the provisions under III or IV will be punished with a prison sentence of up to one year and a fine, or with one or the other of these penalties. The Reich Minister of the Interior, in coordination with the Deputy of the Führer and the Reich Minister of Justice, will issue the Legal and Administrative regulations required to implement and complete the Law. The Law takes effect on the day following promulgations except for III, which goes into force on January 1, 1936. Nuremberg, September 15, 1935 at the Reich Party Congress of Freedom.

The Nuremberg laws were laws that were put in place do descrimination against "lower" races, for example Jewish people. These laws basically took away the basic rights that everyone should have. They werent allowed to do whatever they wanted, they couldn't love whoever they wanted to love, and the worst part is if they broke these laws, they were severely punished and most likely killed.


Propaganda is information that can be misleading. It is used to publicize against one specific group. It can be used in many different forms. The Propaganda can come in the form of posters, which might have catchy slogans that discriminate against one or many groups. It is usually led by one person who believes in a certain thing and tries to get everyone else to believe the same thing that they can also be used for a good cause like to. Promote a certain product or to let people realize about something that is good.


Anne Frank

Anne frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt Germany. She went into hiding with her family and some other families after the Germans were killing Jews. Anne was thirteen and she was very immature. She didn't like helping out and she didn't like since ting still. She was alway very energetic. On August fourth, 1944, she was found by the Germans and sent to a concentration camp. They died a year later but not because of the Germans. They died from sickness.

Peter Van Daan

Peter was born on November 8, 1926 in osnabrück, Germany. He went into hiding with the Frank's. He had no siblings but he had a cat named mouschi. He was a stubborn rebellious teenager who realized what was going on and didn't like it. He was arrested in the secret annex. Later he was a part of the death march where they had to evacuate their he camps because Russian soldiers were after them. Peter became ill and weak because of this journey. He later died at the mauthausen concentration camp.

Margot Frank

Margot was born on February 16, 1926, in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne was her sister but Margot was older. She was a very shy girl who didn't like to talk very much and nobody really noticed when she was around. She was found by Germans and transferred throughout many different camps she later died of typhus with her sister.

Otto Frank

Otto frank was born on May 12, 1889. He was born with German descent and worked as a Swiss businessman. He was a liberal Jew. He was into art and the history of it. He gets drafted into the military as a German soldier. When he gets back from the war, he realizes he has lost his entire family and his friends. He finds Anne's diary and shares it with the world. The diary shows the life a kid had to live during war times.


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