Project 4: Synchronized Dance By Evan Golden & Crew


Our robots will be dancing in a synchronized fashion to the song, "Piano Man" by Billy Joel.



Dance 2 - Right side
Dance 1- Left


Pseudocode for programs It shows the left side and the right side is the same with opposite turns - move back then forward then turn turn right then turn left then move back then turn left then go back then turn left then turn right then move forward then move back then move forward then turn right then turn left and turn left move and move back into the battle zone.

Challenges/ Struggles

The hardest part was probably figuring out the programming for the robots and getting them to go together, but in slightly different ways to look better.

My Contribution

I helped brainstorm and sort of give advice or ideas to those making the program. I helped choose the song and organize our setting up of the robots.




Created By
Evan Golden

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