Water A Nautical journey Through Water Quality

Blue hole or eyeball? Doesn't matter, they're both made of lots of water.

When the fire starts to burn, and it starts to spread...You need water!

This looks like a nice morning at a pool but in truth she is killing herself and depleting the calcium levels in her bones.

Here you can see Vladimir Putin attending the Flint Water Crisis

This tree needs water. The quality of water in the Sahara desert is very high. Unfortunately it's easier to find parking spaces in Plaza Mayor than it is finding water in the Sahara.

This water is low quality because it has been contaminated with alcohol.

Created By
Freché Whater


Created with images by Dirklaudio - "Gocce D'Acqua (Water Drops)" • hilaryhalliwell - "Eye of Water" • tpsdave - "firefighters fire flames" • jill111 - "summer pool woman" • 99pixel - "tub palio race" • juliaavisphillips - "ear of the wind arch sandstone" • Mcability - "water glass drinking glass"

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