Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas Written by James Patterson

The genre of this book is Romance

James Patterson was born on March 22, 1947 in Newburgh, New York. He attended Manhattan College as an undergraduate before starting for a master's degree in English literature at Vanderbilt University. Patterson left Vanderbilt fter a year and took a job as a copyright at the agency J. Walter Thompson in 1971. James Patterson is an impeccable author who has written detective stories, thrillers, science fiction, romance, young adult novels, etc. Patterson could be said as one of the best and most inspirational authors there is therefore, making it extremely difficult to say he has a top selling book. In fact, Patterson holds the Guinness World Record for having the most books on The New York Times' best-seller list.

The story take place between Martha's Vineyard and New York during present day time.

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas is about a girl who was madly in love with a lawyer who then found out he was leaving her. He later on sent her a package in the mail, come to find out he had been married and had a son. The diary held all the answers to every question that she should have.Katie Wilkinson- Young attractive woman; Reader of diary; Matts lover from the city. Editor of a New York Publisher.

  1. Matt Harrison- Young, handsome, successful lawyer; Nicholas' father, Suzanne's husband, and Katie's lover.
  2. Suzanne Bedford Harrison- Young, beautiful and she has a heart condition. Writer of the diary; Nicholas' mother, Matt's wife;
  3. Nicholas Harrison- Beautiful baby boy. Son of Matt and Suzanne Harrison; The diary is written for him about him and his family.

In the book Matt leaves Katie without any explanation as to why he was leaving. Matt never opened up about his past so it left a feeling of suspense and darkness with Katie. This conflict is slowly resolved when Katie receives the diary. Everything unravels about Matts past and she begins to understand why he distanced himself from her and pushed her away.

" i love it here. always have. i feel like i've come home," i said. 'Yes i am here for good.'" -Suzanne (page 56) (talking about coming back home to Martha's Vineyard) " Katie usually stood out in a crowd. she was tall--almost six feet, with warm friendly blue eyes." (page 12)

In my opinion, I would definitely recommend this book to anybody who loves a heart felt love story because its a lovely story about a family who is struck with tragedy.

Best book ever


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