Josh Creamer Comes Out Of Retirement To Race At Cental Cycle Mx

Yes you heard that right!! Josh Creamer is going to blow the dust off the old #9 machine and race at Round 8 of the NEATV series tour to be held at Central Cycle MX in Central Village, Connecticut on August 26th/27th.

Josh is a former AMA ATV MOTOCROSS CHAMPION as well as a past NEATV PRO and PRO-AM CHAMPION. It has been a while since Josh has thrown a leg over an ATV and raced competitively. As a matter of fact, it was August 9th 2014, which will make it over 3 years when he hits the track at Round 8 this season.

" I have been wanting to get back on the track for a while now and when I saw that NEATV was going to be racing at Central Cycle MX, which is literally right down the street from me, I knew it was time" said Creamer

I asked him what he plans to ride, because over the years we have seen him on just about every make of machine out there, and being the typical Josh he paused for a second and said..."well I have my old Suzuki over in the corner I suppose I could ride that". Well who knows what he might show up on and with working a ton of hours at his regular job laying tile I don't think he will have a lot of time to train, but we all know Josh. You can expect him to show up, be competitive, and give the current Pro's a run for their money!

" I just really can't wait to see my old racing family and friends and of course that adrenaline rush you get when you pull behind the gate" said Josh.

Well I am pretty sure he still has a lot of fans that will be excited to come and cheer on the racer that is always exciting to watch and we all know as " Creamer"!!

Watch for updates during the season.

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