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Philadelphia Bible Society Bible

The first American Bible society, was the Philadelphia Bible society. This society was created on December 12, 1808. The president of the society was Dr. William White and the vice president was Benjamin Rush. Eight years later, there was about 121 more bible societies that started.

Oration- july 4th, 1837

this oration had two subjects, the first was to proclaim the people of the thirteen United Colonies, one People, and in their name, and by their authority, to dissolve the political bands which had connected them with another People, that is, the People of Great Britain. the secoind was to assume, in the name of this one People, of the thirteen United Colonies, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station, to which the Laws of Nature, and of Nature’s God, entitled them. the declaration also wanted to respect the opnions of mankind.

Sermon, Modern emigrant, 1832.

this sermon was based off of four reasons of why imigrants come to the u.s. first reason is the influence of bad government they have in their country. second is the type of church/religion thye had in their country didn't let them have freedom. thirdly, the acquaintances and their christian friends. lastly the reputed and reviving state of christianity their is in their country.

First american bible society bible

This is the first ever american bible society founded. it was established in 1816. The original officers of the Society included: signers of the U. S. Constitution, revolutionary generals, U.S. Supreme Court Justices, a U.S. Attorney General, a U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, state governors, and others.

A defence of the use of the bible in schools

This is a letter describing the benefit of the use of the bible in schools. In the letter it describes how christainty is the only true religion and the perfect religion. also, that acquiring knowledge can only be possible from the bible itself. lastly, that religious instruction is the most useful.

Harvard College charter

The univeristy of harvard was founded in 1636. the university was incorporated in may 1650. Most of the signers of the declaration of independence graduated from harvard.

aitken bible

continuing from the american revolution, the onyl bibles only came from europe and england. robert aitkens was the first known English-language bible to be printed in america. also, it was the first bible to be approved the congress.

Philadelphia Bible Society Constitution

on december 12, 1808, the philadelphia bible society. this is americas first american society. one of the greatest things about this society was the majority rule. in the societies handbook it syas," no alteration of this constitution shall be made, without the concurrence of a majority of the members, met after due notification."

bible society reports

after the establishment of the philadelphia bible society, it spurred a mountain of new bible societies. these societies blew up all around the country. for example, the new jersey bible society, new hampshire bible society, new york bible society, the female bible society of philadelphia, connecticut bible society, masschusetts bible society, and the bible society of virginia.

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