Canbury School Newsletter 15th january 2021. issue 224

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Well we're two weeks into this latest lockdown. I am keeping my fingers and toes and everything else crossed that we will be in a much better position come the February half term. However we all know just how quickly things can and do change, so thank you for bearing with us and being so understanding.

I thought I would share with you some photographs of our lateral flow Covid testing station which will be swinging into action next week for some staff and students who will be on site. The Science laboratory has been commandeered to enable us to deliver the tests. It is quite amazing what Schools are being asked to do at short notice; case in point, Year 9 parents will shortly be receiving information about their children having their routine vaccinations on the 22nd January here at school.

In other news we had a very interesting on-line Year 9 GCSE options evening on Thursday. Well I say "options evening" but the beauty of this was that we all recorded our information and then Mrs Rich, with her usual mastery of all things tecchy, put it all together and posted it on YouTube, and now Year 9 and their parents can watch it again and again. So much more interesting than watching repeats on the BBC! Don't forget to submit any questions via the google form sent out this week, by Friday 22nd January. Teachers will then get answers back to you in plenty of time for making choices by 8th February.

All praise to Yr 11 Harry B who was put on the spot in assembly this afternoon when I asked him to tell everyone about the House Scavenger Hunt he participated in this week. Well done , Harry!

Finally a very warm welcome to Joe in the Sixth Form. Joe joined us at the start of this term, and we are very much looking forward to the Canbury family, students and staff, meeting Joe in person just as soon as circumstances allow.

In the meantime, may I wish you a quiet weekend and remind you all to stay at home and stay safe.

The Canbury Laboratory is our temporary lateral testing station. Evidence, if it was needed, that whatever they throw at us, we just keep going!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Year 7

Great contributions from William, Matthew, Brendan, Sam S and Morgan in Spanish when expressing their opinions and reasons for their favourite day of the week.

Well done to Morgan and Brendan for their helpfulness and technical support for others in history.

Year 7 really impressed Mr Batten in PSHE this week with their caring and mature responses.

Sam T, Matthew, Brendan, Morgan, William and Alex for their determination and strong start to the Spring Term IXL Challenge in MICT lessons, so far Sam T is in the lead but will this change? Ms Boyle says she is looking forward to seeing who will be at the top of the Year 7 leaderboard next week.

Year 8

Karim for excellent progress in writing as part of his 'Trash' project in English.

Lovely Spanish work from Layla, Angus, Karim, Evia, Thomas (aka Manuel) and Freddie (aka Carlos) describing what animals like to eat and drink. In fact it's so good, Señora Porter asked for it to be included in the Newsletter. See below.

Chloe, Ollie, Thomas, Layla and Jessica for their determination and strong start to the Spring Term IXL Challenge in MICT lessons, so far Chloe is in the lead but will this too change? Again, Ms Boyle says she is watching the leaderboard with interest.

Ollie for wowing us with her opening paragraph in English this week.

Angus, Thomas, Ollie, Karim, Layla and Jessica for their determination and success in mastering solving algebraic equations in Mathematics this week.

Well done to Thomas, Ollie and Jessica for their excellent performance in the end of unit History test.

Year 9

Well done to Peter and Kyrell for their participation in Spanish this week.

Well done to Anders on his amazing diary entry as Richard Henry Pratt!

Adam, Orlanda, Zac, Anders, Peter and Flora for their determination and strong start to the Spring Term IXL Challenge in MICT lessons, Adam is currently the leaderboard star. But watch this space - there is all to play for!

Year 10

Great focus and concentration from Matthew, Ain and Harry A in Spanish this week.

Phoebe for her hard work and focus and scoring the most points in Year 10 on sets and probability on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Matthew and Shaaiyon also deserve a mention for coming in second and third places respectively.

Year 11

Rhian and Seb, for motivation and hard work in English.

Great work on the environment in Spanish this week from Seb, Armani and Harry B.

Alex for his excellent focus and independent work in Mathematics this week.

Year 12

Emily and Joe for their perseverance and determination to succeed when graphing polynomials and transforming functions remotely in A level Mathematics this week.

Words which lift our spirits (part 1)

Ms Clancy and her staff has been touched by the many words of support and appreciation received from parents and carers regarding how we have continued through these trying days. We would like to share some with you and have dropped a few into the Newsletter. It is so lovely to be so appreciated!

"We are incredibly grateful for the exceptional efforts that you and your staff have made throughout the pandemic."

What did YOUR week look like? Why don't you share with us next week?

Top: Mr McGregor's cats sleep through the lesson - how rude! Then left to right, Flora keeps in the moment with yoga, Mrs Davies keeping safe in the office this week and Ollie B hard at work in Spanish. Do send your photographs to Mrs Bate by 10am on a Friday for sharing with us all in the Newsletter.

Words which lift our spirits (part 2)

"It is clear that all these difficulties do not seem to dampen all the energy and positive attitude inherent to Canbury!

"He has settled back easily into the online routine. He is eager to join his lessons and 1 to 1. He is keen to take part in the fun extracurricular activities too; it's nice to hear him laugh or see him run around the house for the scavenger hunt."

Calling all book worms

A reminder that KS4 book club (yay) currently meets remotely (booooo) on Wednesdays at 1pm for 30 minutes. Members are discussing 'A Christmas Carol' at the moment. Get in touch with Mrs Burke if you'd like to join. And don't forget, you're never alone when you have a book on the go.

House News

Congratulations to the House Competition Scavenger Hunters who raced around their homes on Tuesday searching out items from various places. We hope they didn't cause too much of a commotion to fellow siblings and parents/carers working from home.......The points are totting up on the boards, don't forget there's a prize for the House winners each term, with Campbell House due their prize from last term just as soon as we are all back in the building.

1st Reenie

2nd Rhian

3rd Matthew T and Olivia.

Words which lift our spirits (part 3)

"Thanks for the updates and good luck in this constantly changing world, doesn't make it easy for you all but you and your staff are all doing a brilliant job. Stay well."

Spanish writing from Year 8 - Muy bien. 

Karim: Soy un puma. Me encantan los huevos y la carne y también me gustan las tortugas y el pescado ¡Qué ricos! A veces como jaguares, pero no como verduras. ¡Qué ascos!

Angus: ¡Me gustan otras serpientes Nam Nam! Y me gustan los huevos. No me gustan las verduras iQué asco. Como mucho carne, no me gusta el queso.

Thomas aka Manuel: Soy un tigre. No soy vegetariano. Me gusta la carne. Como muchos ciervos, cerdos,vacas y cabros.También como alces. ¡Ñam ñam!

Layla: Soy un gato. Me gusta el agua pero no me gusta la leche. Me gusta el pescado. No soy vegetariano.

Evia: Soy el gato.me gusta el pescado pero no me gusta el carné. Me encanta la leche porque es bonita. Detesto la carne porque es mal.

Lucky cross country's cancelled at the moment - it's VERY muddy out there!

Mrs Bate and her daughter were out and about in Richmond Park this week. One of the days they were walking near the Isabella Plantation cross country route. It was VERY muddy! Ned thinks you are all very lucky that Mr Barnes isn't able to make you all run around it at the moment.....

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Fancy developing a new hobby?

Appeer Community Interest Company has been set up to benefit girls and women with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and other neurodiverse conditions and those around them, including their families and professionals. 

Thanks to a grant from Central Surrey Voluntary Action and to funds from the Coronavirus Community Support Fund (distributed by the National Lottery Community Fund) the group is developing six online hobby-based workshops for autistic teenage girls 13-17yrs in Surrey, to be delivered between January and March 2021.

The grant aims to: reduce social isolation, build skills, share knowledge in areas of interest and increase confidence in using digital technology.

The workshops will build on the girls' interests and strengths, support wellbeing and promote resilience. What hobbies and interests does your teenage daughter have and what would she want to get out of these sessions? To find out more, go to: https://www.appeer.org.uk/teens