Outcome #3 Learning

Learning Outcome #3

Retrieval Practice Self-Study

I will be using Quizlet, mind maps, and self-testing to help me retrieve information while I study.

I will use self-testing to help prepare for my Engineering exam. I will be using self-testing by taking practice problems provided from the chapters and examples from class; I will take a few questions from each and make a list of about ten to twelve questions then I will repeat this until I used all the problems and I will have questions that I have trouble with on a couple of the lists. I will start this about a week and a half before the exam and I will work on each list for about one hour every day. On my Engineering exam i scored an 89.

I will be using Quizlet to help me prepare for my Ag Econ exam. I will use Quizlet to make flash cards to help me study; with Quizlet I, can play little games that will help me stay focused on studying and provide a fun way to study. I will use Quizlet every other day for about one and a half hours so I can use the flash cards and play the little games that Quizlet offers to help with studying I will start this two weeks before the exam. On my Ag Econ exam i scored an 80

This is part of one set of Quizlet flashcards I used to help me study for my Ag Econ exam

I plan on implementing a mind map to help me prepare for my calculus exam. I will use a mind map for bridging together information like I will take the word point-slope form and next I will put the equation and then an example and I will add small bullet points to each to help define and to explain the reasoning for when I look back at them. I will use this technique a week and a half before the exam and I will study the mind maps for about one hour every day. On my calculus exam I scored a 52.

My mind map for linear functions


I did see an improvement in my grades compared to last semester. While taking my engineering and Ag econ exams I did feel more confident and I believe that the self-testing and Quizlet techniques are to thank. The mind map technique did not work well for me when I was preparing for my calculus exam but I think if I tried using it for a different subject it might be more effective. I will use the self-testing technique to study for my engineering exams from now on and I will more than likely use Quizlet again when studying for my ag econ exams. I should find another way to prepare for my calculus exams.

  • When I was using the self-testing technique I found that it was easy to take more time than I set aside to work out the problems. Self-testing was very helpful because it allowed me to have practice with a wide range of problems at the same time instead of working with one type of problem and then working with another. Being able to test myself is helpful because it allows me to test my own skills and to assess what I need to work on the most. My engineering exam grades last semester were alright and to study I mostly worked practice problems from different chapters that I studied leading up to the exam. This semester with my engineering exam I used a self-testing technique where I pieced together problems from different chapters that I have studied to make worksheets. I believe that this technique was helpful because it helped me improve my grade by a few points compared to last semester.
  • It was easy to study with Quizlet because the transitioning between cards was smooth and I could always switch up the order that I look at them. It was a simple task to make the flashcards I just took the terms that I had difficulty remembering and the terms that had similar definitions and used them to make the flashcards. This is my first time taking an ag econ class so I haven’t had a previous experience with how to study for the exam or what to compare it too. I think that using Quizlet was a very big part in my remembrance of some of the economic terms I have trouble remembering and I think it is what helped me get the grade I got.
  • I did my mind maps in two different ways some of them I started with the basic structure of the equation and then circled it with what each part meant and I also put the name of the equation. I also structured them with the name of the equation in the middle and I circled it with the basic equation and what is needed to form the equation. Last semester when I took my first calculus exam I failed and I prepared by doing old exam problems but I didn’t exactly know what I was doing. Using the mind maps this time around it helped some but it wasn’t the best way to prepare for the exam. I felt that the mind maps helped me remember some of the equations and I believe the mind maps are what helped me raise my grade some. When I was making my mind map to help me with calculus I could experiment some with how I displayed the information for myself.While using the different techniques,

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