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What is brown,white,and has hair?A deer!A deer is a mammal.Mammals are warm blooded and gives birth to live young.A deer is also a vertebrate.Vertabrates have backbones,and they are the opposite of invertabrates.Deers have antlers,which are those horns in different shapes.Also,deers are supposed to be kept in the wild. They are not for you to tame and make money for.

Deer mammals


Deers live near North American woods and swamplands.They are also very common in woods and forests in every part of the world.Deers like to live in Michigan , but in Michigan's forests,the trees are so dense that sunlight could not reach the forest floor.So now,deers moved to other forests where there is plenty of bright sunlight.

Woods and swamplands


Deers are herbivores,which means it only eats plants.Deers will almost eat any kind of plant,even plants that are poisonous to humans.They also love nuts,fruits,acorns,and berries.Deers are crepuscular, which means they feed mostly at daytime.



Does and Bucks are usually a reddish tan color during warm climates.In winter, they turn a dull gray.Deers have long,slim, bodies that are really sleek.Their long,slim,and sleek body matches their long,thin legs.Deers can camouflage to trees and twigs in the summer.In winter,it's dangerous for the deers because predators can easily see them in the white snow.Little fawns are born with a variety of white spots.The marks won't go away until they are a few months old.The markings help it to blend into the mix of the sun and shadows in the forest,which protects it from predators.

A warm climate's deer

Interesting Facts

Female deer

A female deer is called a doe.White-tailed Does like to flash the white undersides of their tails to signal danger.This action is called tail-flagging.Does are often the leader Doe in a herd,which means a group of deers.The leader's job is to be on the lookout for danger.She warns the group whenever her eyes,ears,or nose detects danger.To warn her herd,she stomps one hoof and snorts loudly.

A doe (female deer)

Male deer

Male deers are called Bucks.Bucks like to keep to themselves,but they may also form small herds.Bucks and Does mate during late August and lasts until January.This time period is called the rut,or mating season.When two Bucks fight for a doe,they lock antlers and shove each other back and forth.Bucks with the largest,strongest,antlers usually win the fight over a doe.Once a doe is pregnant,it will be between 190 to 210 days before her baby is born.Not all deers have antlers.Only Bucks of the cervidae family develop antlers.Does do not.

A herd of Bucks (male deers)

Baby deer

Baby deers are called fawns.Does give birth once a year.A doe will generally have two babies in a two years.Fawns will be to between 4 and 6 pounds after birth.At the moment a fawn is born,it's mother will lick her fawn all over her body.This action cleans and dries the baby.It also protects the baby from predators smelling the blood on the fawn's body.The scent of a birth site also attracts predators.The mother will encourage the baby to stand up as soon as it is born.Then they will go away from the birth site.Fawns will nurse for about 8 months.About in 10 months, they will start to eat plants.

A new born fawn (a baby deer)

Conclusion (closing)

Deers are a very important part in our world.Many kinds of meat are made from deers.If we don't have deer,we won't have deer meat.So we will try to keep deers in our world.



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