Insurancer ESTABLISHED IN 1999 + EXPANDED IN 2016

Insurancer…our underlying idea is simple…protecting our clients' hard-earned assets.

About Insurancer

Established in 1999, Insurancer is an insurance brokerage providing small and medium size businesses and families with the best insurance coverage. We offer financial services that protect our clients’ life, health and hard-earned assets for retirement.

Employee Benefits

Employees are the driving force behind your business. Their overall morale can mean the difference between a competitive edge and falling behind in your industry.

Retirement Plans

Retirement pensions are basically extinct. Life expectancies are rising. The need for retirement savings has never been greater. Today, the impact of a company sponsored 401k or 403b plan for your employees is immeasurable and desirable.

Provider Information

There are times when the needs of our clients don’t fit with the most popular providers. We understand this distinction and are flexible.

Insurancer offers a range of the best benefit providers in the market today. We have focused on a business relationship with each of these providers, so that our clients benefit from the freedom of choice and selection.


We are authorized brokers for the Healthcare Connection Exchange and Health Link.

Personal Plans

Who’s looking out for you? Are you covered between employment changes? Are your children covered due to the loss of a parent? What is adequate coverage? Are your savings and/or investments going to be enough for retirement?


Rebuilt to serve you wherever and whenever you need us.


We have your back...period!

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