Catapult Ryan, Bryson, Clara

Catapult Design Inspiration

We got the inspiration for our catapult from the internet. By simply looking up "PVC catapult" we could find hundreds and hundreds of images, just like those shown above, and we saw a consistent trend. There were a multitude of catapult images for a single simple design. A large cross bar, large arm, and a band or some other elastic material in order to bring it up to the stop bar.

Construction of the Catapult

We constructed the catapult from PVC and planned everything out on paper.

The side view of the catapult.
Top down assembly view of the bottom of the catapult
The original catapult design and labeling of all the materials.

We completed the construction of the catapult by using all the PVC pipe and cutting it with PVC shears. They made the construction of this very easy. We did not require any glue what so ever because the construction is sound, and it will not be running air through the pipes. We used a bungee cord in order to make the catapult fire golf ball.

Catapult Use

We tested the catapult with in-depth testing in order to make sure that the catapult will function properly.

The Catapult Testing

Testing Data
Question Data answers

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