voice, mood, tense study guide

  1. passive voice is when the subject is the receiver of the action

active voice is when the subject is the doer of the action

active voice I made my study guide for midterm exams

I got insanely stressed doing it

I got a christmas tree

passive voice

I received a gift from my mom

I deserve my christmas/ New years break

progressive tense consists of a form of a verb form of BE

he is lerning to drive

he was a fast learner

he will be driving in no time

perfect tense consists of a verb form of HAVE and has a past partisaciple

I have that video game

I had that racket before

I will have done the final course


indicative states a fact or asks a question

why does use reindeer to fly through the sky on christmas eve night

presents are fun to open

imperative gives a command

go clean up the tables

go check the well and see how much water is in it

emphatic do+a verb

I do like christmas

I hope we do get snow

subjunctive mood is a swish or desire

I want a ferrari for christmas

I hope it snows this year

I want a huge beautaful chrichmas tree

indicative mood is stating a fact or asking a question

christmas is on december 25 every year

can we get christmas lights


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