Technology Self-Study Exhibit #8

For this self-study I am going to see what kind of effects technology has on my study habits, mainly my iphone. I would strongly consider myself an easily distracted individual, whenever I sit down to do things the smallest things can distract me for example, someone sneezing or shuffling their papers. The ideal setting for me to get the most work done is the first floor cubicles at the library, isolated away from everyone and everything. The way this self-study will be done is quite simple actually. Every Sunday I pretty much do the same thing every Sunday because for my Economics class I have chapter homework due every Sunday night. So I do that pretty much the same time after Sunday after chapter, and then continue on with any other work I have to do after that. But for this expect I wont worry about the extra stuff though, I am strictly going to focus on the chapter homework. For one Sunday’s chapter work I am going to do my normal routine of going to the first floor of the library and doing my economics homework with my phone and everything. The following Sunday I will do everything the same but this time I am going to leave my phone in the car. By doing this I am going to measure my productivity with and without my phone to see which scenario I am more productive in.

Time Log of Work With Phone:

Time Log of Work Without Phone

Comparison: When looking at the two time logs it is pretty simple to see which setting I was more productive in, the one with no phone. My work was more concentrated and I did it in a shorter of amount of time. Although that was not the only thing that made not having my phone more productive than having. The first thing I noticed when not having my phone was, not having the constant thought in the back of my head to reach for my thrown and scroll threw it because it would be easier than doing the work. That made actually focusing on the work and doing it way easier and I think in turn made me retain way more than when I had my phone. Also without having all those breaks of phone use during reading it made it easier to move along with the reading and follow along without having to go back an easy task. This all in turn made going thru my homework way easier because I was able to retain the information and not really have to go back in the book to find the answer. Although when I did have to go back I remembered easily where the information could be found. All in all having no phone is going to be my go to schoolwork and study method form here on out.


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