Revolution weekly

One of the main causes of the revolution was the struggle for hegemony and empire outstrips the fiscal resources of the state in contrast to Great Britain which had a more effective system of state finance, in which nobles and landowning gentry paid substatial taxes and government loans

Rein of terror and the impact it had on the French Revolution because during the revolution napoleon bonaparte gained power and became the emperor of France in 1799

Napoleon Bonaparte was a hero for many reasons but the most simple reason he was a hero is because he won many battles he was undefeated even up until the russian invasion With his power he directly controlled Europe

Napolean was a villain because napolean had crowned himself emperor and that is considered what a dictator would do. He ruled without his people's consent the only thing he wanted to do with all of his power was he wanted to conquer as many counties as he can.

The French Revolution had impacted different countries in many ways. In Europe there was a series of wars between the French and many other counties it had also lead napolean to rise


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