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Hello there!

Thank you for stopping by! Your family is the most important thing you have, and I am incredibly honored to document this moment in your lives. Time promises one thing: to never come back once it's gone. By making the decision to hold on to this day through photographs, you have given your family the most precious gift.

What you can expect at your session

Your session will last one hour and will take place within two hours of sunset. Sessions are all held on location, and during our consultation we will discuss locations that mean the most to you. This can be in a field, on a boat, on a particular street, at the beach or even in your home. I'm ready to document your family anywhere. We will spend the first 10 minutes on those "traditional" posed images of everyone together (because I do think they are important), and the rest of our session will be you being your awesome unique selves, and me documenting your family.

Some helpful tips

When preparing for your session, I ask a lot of questions. No, I'm not trying to be nosy. I want to get to know you and your family as much as possible so that I can make the best images of your unique story. You and your crew are special, and your images should not be cookie cutter, stock imagery. My aim is to make photographs that reflect you, and the only way I can do this is by getting to know you really well.

On the day of the session, I always like to have planned activities for the family. It doesn't matter what that activity is, because it's about the moments created while engaging in something together as a family that is important, not the activity itself. This can be scooting, reading, going for walks, water balloon fights, fishing, exploring, even going on speed boat rides! I've done it all! We will discuss this during our consultation.

What to wear? Pretty simple - whatever you feel comfortable in. Please don't match! We are all individuals and I encourage each member of the family to have their personality shine through their choice of clothes. So if your daughter wants to wear rain boots and a tutu - let her. You will look back on these images and remember those boots. Choose 2-3 colors that compliment each other and go for shades in between. I'm a huge fan of textures, so don't shy away from accessories. Try to avoid all white and all black. Wardrobe changes are allowed, but not necessary. However, if we are at your home and you have a pool, I would suggest everyone change into their bathing suits (including me) so that we can get into the water at the end of the session to make some really fun images.

Please don't be late! Sessions are held Monday - Saturday and begin at 4:30pm between April - September and 4:15pm from October - March. I am a natural light photographer which means I rely on the sun for light. Once the sun goes down, so does my light. If you arrive 15 minutes late to your session, the session can't be extended an extra 15 minutes.

When it comes to weather in Barbados, there isn't much to worry about. I will never cancel a session until I am on location and I see that it makes no sense to proceed with the session due to inclement weather.


The session fee of $200 is due at the time of booking to secure your date. The session fee includes the time and talent of the photographer, the skype consultation, the one hour documentary session, the hand editing of the images in your gallery, as well as the online gallery. The session fee does not include digital image files or products. Please add $100 per additional family unit taking part in the session.

Collection I


All high resolution digital images {40-50} downloadable via password protected online gallery.

8.5 x 8.5 Family Photobook. 50 pages with all session images

12 x 18 studio finished print

25% off additional prints

1 year online image gallery access and gallery mobile app

Collection II


All high resolution digital images {40-50} downloadable via password protected online gallery.

12 x 18 studio finished print

15% off additional prints

30 day gallery access

Collection III


7 high resolution digital images downloadable via password protected online gallery

10% off additional prints

30 day gallery access

The not so fine print

*1 year gallery access available for $60

*postage fees apply if shipping prints and products internationally

*prices are subject to change without notice

*sessions held outside of Barbados are subject to travel fees and all travel expenses

*in fairness to all my valued clients, rates are non-negotiable

Additional Studio Finished Prints

5 x 7 $15

8 x 10 $30

11 x 14 $50

12 x 18 $75

16 x 20 $100

*additional sizes available on request

I'm ready to book! What are the next steps, and what happens after our session?

In order to hold your desired date, the session fee of $200 must be paid along with the signed contract. Your date is only reserved once both have been received. I will then send your Client Registration form your way. We will schedule a consultation via skype where I will meet your family and discuss the goals for your session. It is greatly beneficial to our consultation to have the registration form completed prior to our meeting.

Two weeks after our session, I will schedule our viewing and ordering appointment. Together we will view the images from your session. During this time, you will decide on the Collection you would like to purchase. Collections must be paid for in full by cash or cheque at this time. All viewing and ordering appointments are held Monday - Friday 9am - 12pm on the South Coast.

If you are leaving the island less than two (2) weeks after the session, payment for your desired collection must be paid for in full on the day of the session. If this is the case, please let me know when booking so that we can use the time during the consultation to discuss the collections.

I highly encourage my clients to invest in prints. The images will mean nothing on the computer, trust me on this one. I work with an amazing print lab, and make it super easy for you to purchase additional prints. Simply use the shopping cart icon on the images in your gallery.

Let me introduce myself

Howdy! Lovely to meet you! If we meet, I'd love to hear all about you- until then, here's a bit about me:

I'm a mommy to two girls (little women), Ella and Adi, two rescue furries, Ciccio and Napoleon, five turtles and wife to a pretty handsome guy (who, bonus, is also my 2nd shooter).

I love to dance, I am the first and last gal on the dance floor (can't speak to my rhythm, however).

I think tattoos are fabulous. They tell the story of our lives- I have six small ones, but I know I'll be getting more.

I am not a fan of capital letters.

I despise the word "spoiled."

My favorite movies are The Goonies, Ratatouille, and Love Actually. I have seen them at least 100 times (not kidding).

Not traveling and seeing the world is my biggest fear- that, and white lizards and frogs.

I moved around a lot as a kid - all over Ontario,Canada, to Newfoundland and back. As an adult, I lived in Irvine, California for a bit. Life changed on me, and I followed my heart, and my career, to Turin, Italy. It was the best time of my life.

I am a trained criminologist with a law degree. I gave it up for a new path.

I have a soft spot and huge respect for children and the elderly. Kids give us fantastic stories from their imagination, the older folks give us fantastic stories from their lives.

I am a surfer- a stubborn longboarder who refuses to give up on my nine-footer.

I am a coffee guzzler and book devourer.

If I could live off of seafood (shrimp & lobster), I would.

I think I'm pretty funny. I have a knack for cracking up at my own jokes. I am a huge dork, and an even bigger goofball, you'll see.

I sincerely think laughter is the best medicine, for absolutely everything.

That's me in a nutshell. I cannot wait to laugh with you!

And this is my crew

Thanks for stopping by

Talk to you soon!

email or call to chat about documenting your precious family. Photographing the moments that define you is an honor and a privilege.

Your interest is greatly appreciated.

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