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Four questions

How to find the right color?

What is the right pencil?

What is the right paper?

What is the right canvas?


How do you find the right canvas ? Well you have to be angled a good way so you can de comfortable and so you can do a good job. If your legs get tired you can often sit and you can adjust the standing legs to the canvas.

Also you can use any color or any canvas it is just that you have to have the color show up on the canvas like if you were to use a crayon and yellow then there might be a srtin canvas you might want to use. There are different canvases such as, the long canvas the short canvas,thick canvas,and the thin canvas there are many names for them.


When you go to use a pencil or a marker you rest your hand when you do light strokes and you want it bold you never have to push down because there is a chance of the paper ripping or the the pencil breaking. Also the marker losing its ink so you would go over the color again until you get the color you want.

We also draw with many different tools such as a pencil,pen ink,fiber-tip pens,charcoal,and pastels they all help and a lot give different texture to the art and more color or if you don’t want color and you want to use more darker colors such as dark pink,dark purple,black,dark green, and dark blue and a lot more.

Also there is two different types of pastels there is the chalk pastel and the oil pastel the chalk pastel is a pastel with a chalky smoke that when you put it down on the paper you are using and when you are done you usually you want to wipe off your paper like i alway do all of the pastel dust will fly off the paper

This is one drawing made out of oil pastels. where you can find this drawing is ‘’wikipedia commons’’.

and make you sneeze. The oil pastel is a delicate pastel because you can not push hard on the because it will ether brake or brake all over your finger.


When you use a specific piece of paper you would want to use a paper that will fit your drawing. You also would have to find the right color paper cuse if you want to do a snow drawing then you might want a black piece of paper so the white shows up on the paper. Also you if you want to do a fall one then you could use an orange, yellow or green sheet of paper you can also use a white piece of paper and add a lot of colors to it such as blue, green, orange, yellow, and red. More if you want to.


This is all i have for now see you later………. There is some fun facts down below.

Fun facts

FUN FACTS: Picasso could draw before he could walk, and his first word was the Spanish word ... Learning to draw helps kids in all other subjects.

More fun facts: Drawing uses lines, dots, or similar marks to create pictures and designs. Artists often use drawings as preparations for paintings and sculptures.

this is one of his drawings


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