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We offer flexible eLearning development and much more.

As well as being an outsourcing resource to your in-house development team and developing eLearning for business looking to put their training online. We also offer basic animations, graphics, recording and editing voiceover, implementing translations and recording and editing video for eLearning as an add on service or to complement your existing eLearning.

Creation of basic animation

Animation enhances eLearning in many ways, they are a powerful tool to engaging and communicate with the learner. We develop animations using Adobe Animate which allows us to create amazing simple frame by frame animations, that can blink, talk and walk!

Animation is effective for a number of genres and audiences, it has the ability to break down complex concepts by introduce learning in small pieces, help to set the tone and emotion for the learning environment making eLearning more appealing.

Creation of Graphics & Images

Graphics/Images help to break up text on a page to give breathing space in the course or used as section markers within the content. They can tell a story by enhancing pieces of text or show visually what the text or audio is saying. They can also be used for decorative purposes to bring a page to life and create visual interest.

We use several stock image libraries to source the graphics/images we use, we also use and are proficient in Adobe illustrator. Illustrator is vector-based software, so it has the ability to scale images created, ideal for content that is to be viewed on different devices. It also allows us to create freehand drawings or trace and recolour imported photos/images and turn them into something more beautiful.

Implementing translations

Many organisations are recognisng the need to translate their eLearning courses for diverse learning communities, as workforces are becoming increasingly diverse and multinational, there is an increased demand for translating eLearning modules into various languages.

Translating and localisation of your eLearning content helps to give consistency to the training.

Recording and editing voiceover

We use a professional voiceover artist to record any text that is to be used as descriptive audio in an eLearning course, we can also take your pre recorded descriptive audio and implement into your eLearning course.

Add in narrative to eLearning provides an authoritative voice that can make a course more understandable for the learner. It is a great way to ensure your eLearning is accessible, by providing an option for users that have visual, reading or learning difficulties to hear the text narrative read aloud.

Recording and editing video

Videos are great at showing users how to do something, for example, walkthroughs and software explainers. Video can also be used decoratively allowing the page to come to life by adding movement.

This makes the content highly engaging. Video can provide a lot of information in a short amount of time, facilitate storytelling, and help convey a behaviour or emotion easier.

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