Listen to the Experts: How to Go Viral by semira a-roar-a, staff lion

Illustration by Niki Minaj, Staff Rapper

As someone who has absolutely no social media experience, I know a few tips and tricks to make you go viral on any social media platform that you please. You could gain more followers than Charli D’Amelio herself on TikTok, or you could have even more subscribers than Mr. Beast on Youtube. All you have to do is to take this expert advice.

First and foremost, if you want to be popular on social media, you must incorporate bright, neon colors on your account. This could be adding LED lights in the background of your TikTok videos like Addison Rae did. You could even take it to the extreme by dying your hair neon, just like Billie Eilish. Think about it: the year Eilish dyed her hair neon green, her Instagram account reached 11 million followers. After almost a year and a half of the neon hair, Eilish’s Instagram account has hit 70 million followers. Evidently, the reason why her account went so viral is because she had bright green hair.

History teacher Sam Jezak became a TikTok sensation after following this advice. Photo by Vivian Read, staff librarian.

Another way to blow up on social media is to be famous. Try to become a popular singer, dancer, or actor before you try to go viral on the internet. Selena Gomez, a world renowned singer and actress, is now the second most followed Instagram account at 217 million followers. Her first post was in 2013, and, because she was famous from “The Wizards of Waverly Place”, she easily became popular on Instagram. Alternatively, if the arts are not for you, try your hand at becoming famous in the sports world. Soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has 272 million followers on Instagram, and you can too if you become a well-known celebrity first before you try to become famous on social media.

Last but not least, to become viral on social media, try not to overthink your content. Popular videos on the internet are ones with simple concepts. For example, “waffle falling over” is a video on Youtube with almost 10 million views. This video is what it sounds like; it is a six second video consisting of a waffle falling over. The internet loves animals too, so try including your pets in your videos. TheBrekkieBuns on TikTok received 3.5 million views for their video of their rabbit eating an apple slice. Having simple, yet efficient content is a great way to gain more views.

By using this advice, you are guaranteed to go viral on social media instantly. Just remember to give The Perennial a shoutout, because, after all, it is because of these suggestions that you will become a well-known internet star.