Night Vision Lenses BY: Elton l. and jaidon v.

Our Great and wonderful invention was night lenses because sometimes you can't see at night in the dark without light and there is one way you can be comfortable and see at night without using light which saves energy.

Our design are like contacts but better. They help you see at night with this chip that's in it and it does not ruin your eyesight at all and it automatically turns off in the day time automatically and it does that by detecting the light and dark and don't forget that these are also for animals and they come in different sizes two.

Animals like dogs,birds,hamsters, and even big animals like elephants. This invention can help lots of people and animals. Animals that can't see at night unlike an owl are now able to see at night with these lenses. This will help animals in way like hunting, being hunted also,and not getting hurt from things that you can't see at night.

Truly we believe together that our company the whole entire way of living during the day and night.

sources-no sources (made it all ourselves)

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