Frindle Project by Zubair

For everyone in my class and friends

The book Frindle is an amazing book (you should read it).

Best book ever!!!


This is Nick Allen

Awesome dude because Gets famous and (spoiler alert) he gives his school...

$10, 000!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nick's teacher

Doesn't approves Nick's word and addicted to dictionaries.

Nick's mom

Thinks that nick's word brings them too much attention from the world.

Nick's dad

Thinks the same as his wife with Nick's word.

Nick's friend Janet

Helps Nick create the word Frindle.


Nick's Home

(After he was famous)

Nick's school


This book is about a dude name Nick Allen and he creates a Word called frindle. He states He wouldn't eat Pringles( from Miles's poem). Then his teacher would never never appreciates the word .Then the world knows. In fact it started the cold word war because some agreed that Frindle should be a word and some didn't . After a while...... ( read to find out the rest)!

The BIG SCENE: The Big Idea

This is when The word "frindle" Was Created By the magnificent Nick Allen and Jenet.

Welcome to the credits!

The book frindle!

Thanks Adobe spark ( can call it Adobe spok ) The website for it to happen

My teacher (Ms. Batista ) for teaching us how to use Adobe.

My Friends and classmates for helping me on this project!

Also Albert Lee For the Meme "close enough photo"!

Hope you enjoyed the project!


Created with images by quinet - "Pen" • free pictures of money - "Money" • Berzin - "study a chemistry textbook the teacher" • Reading Tom - "Country Music Hall of Fame" • Aziz J.Hayat عبدالعزيز جوهر حيات - "The Twin Tower KLCC - تصوير عبدالعزيز جوهر حيات"

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