The sniper By liam olafthery

In this story it tAKes place in a small town. This story is about a man who takes a risk by playig with guns and smokig. He is worried that his enmies might kill him.
Thsis statment: playing with guns can get you killed.
Evdince#1 he said that he had to hide cause his enmies where after him.
Evdince# 2 he also said the bulEt had flue over my head but missed.
Evdince#3 he also said thathe felt a sudden curiosity as to the identity of the enemy sniper whom he had killed.


Created with images by André Gustavo Stumpf - "Snipers" • andreas160578 - "contactors hunter amok" • The U.S. Army - "Marksmanship training" • Floris M. Oosterveld - "British Sniper" • BikepackingPhilippines - "Snipers" • The U.S. Army - "Sniper cover"

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