NISSAN NV400 LOW FLOOR 4.7 X 2.5M FROM £23,999 call 07792 904943 Built in Worcester Hi Pay Maxiload 1300kg LOW LOADER LUTON mailto:sales@vantrader.org

Can be built up to 4.7m Internal on standard Factory Chassis, normal height would be 2500mm but we can do higher or lower, call us for options.
High volume on standard Platform Cab this reduces cost extended Chassis would make a different of 200mm Load length but the extra cost up to £2000, really not worth the extra time to build and extra cost, the volume is 25square metres + Luton Pod.
Standard tie rails 4 each side, the above setup was for a customer that wanted 2 tie rails and a row of Loadlock.
Barn doors for extra security and reinforced treadplate around the wheel arches.


Bespoke build for F1 Cars, even with this amount of extra Metal inside the payload was surprisingly high, the ramps are scissor style with no ridge due to ground clearance.

Strap down system for the wheels imbedded in the centre of the wheel tracks.


K.W Photography

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