2017 Eagles Playground Build Soaring toward a bright tomorrow

On a radiant May morning, the Philadelphia Eagles organization came together for the 21st Playground Build in the hopes of creating a special, safe, and inspirational environment for the students at Lewis Elkin Elementary School in Kensington.

The school's new playground features a colorful mural, which took 97 gallons of paint to complete, and spans the entirety of the brick building.

In addition to the beautiful mural and new turf field, the students at Lewis Elkin Elementary School will now be able to enjoy time outside on a new play structure. It includes a slide, as well as an additional climbing wall to ensure the students stay active each and every day.

Once the players and coaches arrived, the real fun began.

Everyone was quick to grab a paintbrush and get to work on transforming the space. But, the players made sure they had plenty of time to spend with the K-4th graders.

900 students.

250 Eagles staff members.

50 volunteers.

One beautiful playground for the students at Lewis Elkin Elementary School.

Photos courtesy of: John Geliebter and Kiel Leggere

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