Bears the best creatruers

Bears are super duper cute and they like cuddles but some of them kill people when provoked.

bear figth!!

bears also come in many different breeds and sizes! As of the following bears!!

Polar Bear

The white bear is a polar bear they have ice cold hearts but still care for family and FOOD!! they eat baby seals and stuff that was smaller than them.

Black Bear

This is a Black Bear and he is mysterious and he is beautiful in his own mysterious way. he also eats berries and small animals


The panda bear is a sweet bear and loves to hug and eats bamboo. she is also super cuttteee!

Red Panda

This is a red panda which is very agile and likes to eat bamboo like the regular panda. And the red panda likes to climb trees and stuff.

Grizzly Bear

The brown bear is called a Grizzly Bear he eats berries and animals that are small and sometimes may attack humans.

click there for some pretty good stuff!

So lets see what we have learned about

We learned about Polar Bears!

Black bears!

Grizzly Bears!

Panda Bears!

And Red Pandas!!


Created with images by einszweifrei - "panda bear black" • Gellinger - "polar bear play fight" • Life-Of-Pix - "polar bear bear arctic" • solviturambulando - "Black Bear" • angela n. - "National Zoo" • amandarichard421 - "Red Panda" • indywriter - "Bears" • GenDesilets - "polar bear head snow" • GoToVan - "Black bears in Whistler Olympic Park" • Unsplash - "brown bear grizzly canada" • kevin dooley - "Panda" • sadiehart - "red panda"

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