Celebrate Nature With new wildcrafted jewelry by The Design Vine

A real ganoderma mushroom, preserved with resin, and set with a colorful all-natural Mexican Crazy Lace Agate cabochon, and a rough, river-tumbled natural emerald found in North Carolina. This piece features all real copper findings and comes with a brown leather cord.
This piece (shown front and back) features a real ganoderma mushroom preserved in resin. In one side I have set a flashy oval labradorite cabochon. The other I have left black to show off the natural aging and crackling effect these mushrooms take on as they grow. The stem has been replaced by a black kyanite fan, and the whole thing is mounted on a hammered copper ring. Comes with a brown leather cord.
This piece features a trametes cubensis polypore mushroom that I boiled in turmeric to give it a yellow hue. It's been set with a super bright and flashy labradorite cabochon and dusted with crushed black kyanite around the stone. There are also a few bright clear herkimer diamonds accenting the main stone. Finally, it has been drilled at the edges and all laced up tight in copper, with a tangled copper wire bail.
This tiny little morel mushroom has been preserved in epoxy, and set with a lil labradorite cabochon & quartz crystal point. It has a hammered copper ring and comes with a brown leather cord.
This is a simple lichen-covered twig that I have preserved in resin and hung with brass wire to a white leather cord. Very simple but earthy and absolutely gorgeous on!
A bit of tree bark heavily-laden in tree lichens on copper wire, preserved in a thick coating of clear epoxy resin and hung with a strip of white leather. Simple, naturally beautiful and one of a kind. Very durable. Treat it with the respect you would show any piece of jewelry and it will last you just as long.
This is another trametes cubensis polypore boiled in turmeric for coloring. I've carved out a channel and inlaid crushed pyrite in this one, and set it with a lovely black, red and yellow Picasso jasper cabochon. The stone is accented with a dusting of crushed kyanite and pyrite, and it has a tangled brass wire bail.
This is a perfect trametes versicolor (turkeytail) specimen, nice and round off the top of a log! I've preserved it with resin and nestled a little chunk of tumbled Quartz in the middle in a nest of curly smilax vine tendrils. It has a hammered copper ring bail and comes with a brown leather cord.
I love lichens! This piece is simple a piece of lichen-covered tree bark epoxied to a hand cut and polished sheet of copper. It is quite large and would work great as a choker, or a very noticeable naturalistic dog tag.
This piece features a fantastic crazy lace agate cabochon set into a real found wasp nest. It has all been wired together in a tangle of copper wire.
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Laure Castor

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