USF Health's International Health Service Collaborative (IHSC) is a group of USF Health students, faculty and staff focused on promoting sustainable health in underserved communities through interprofessionalism within the U.S. and developing nations.
On March 3-10 2018, IHSC traveled to Panama to host a four-day clinic in a secluded and medically underserved area. USF Health students included those from the Morsani College of Medicine, College of Public Health, College of Pharmacy, and School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences.

"It was an amazing sight to see everyone work as one within the community. They were very receptive and welcomed our initiatives towards healthier communities in El Rincon." Jesse Cassanova | USF International Programs Coordinator

During the March 2018 clinic, IHSC treated 172 patients and provided 304 prescriptions.
The Morsani College of Medicine (MCOM) students met with patients of all ages and conducted overall health assessments, checked vital signs, and provided medical care when necessary.

Nupur Godbole and Carson Smith, pictured on the left, made their third trip to Panama as part of IHSC. Lisa Veling (middle) made her second trip to Panama.

“It was awesome to work in El Rincón again and see how our relationship with the community and those we worked with from the Ministry of Health had evolved in the last year. I’m excited to go back again next year, make new friends and hope to have even more rewarding interprofessional experiences." Lisa Veling | IHSC Co-President | USF MD Candidate | Class of 2020

College of Public Health students gave away almost 300 pairs of eyeglasses donated by the Lions Club of Oregon.
The IHSC held collection drives on campus in preparation for the trip, gathering sandals, clothing and children's books. In Panama, College of Public Health students distributed the items to families in the community.

“It was rewarding to visit the kind and generous community of El Rincón. I'm thankful for this experience, and grateful to have met everyone involved within this organization." Theresa Nguyen | IHSC Secretary | College of Public Health Masters | Class of 2019

College of Public Health students also provided contraceptives to the community with information on sex health education.
School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Sciences students assessed, diagnosed and treated musculoskeletal impairments, performed pain modulation techniques, educated patients on body mechanics, provided functional modifications, and created home exercise programs.

PT student David Kroger (right) said this woman had complained of shoulder pain and they tested her rotator cuff to rule out a muscle tear.

The PT students led exercise activities with school children that included Simon Says and some fun dance moves.

The school children also taught the USF Health students a few moves of their own with a soccer ball.

"Seeing firsthand the effects our team had on this deserving community confirmed my decision to become a health care provider. Together, with all disciplines working in unison, we can make a difference in the world." Elizabeth Winsor | IHSC PT Chair | School of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitative Sciences | Class of 2019

College of Pharmacy students took vitals, dispensed medications, counseled patients, and worked alongside the medical students to provide prescription recommendations.

“The trip was a very humbling experience. With IHSC I was able to genuinely serve and positively impact a community in need through interprofessional collaboration. It also gave me a heightened sense of cultural consciousness and sensitivity." Natalie Dehaney IHSC Pharmacy Chair | College of Pharmacy | Class of 2021

“Working interprofessionally was fundamental to the success of our trip and the clinic. Together, we were able to treat more patients, optimize their care and learn from other future health professionals.” Chelsea Campbell IHSC Co-President | College of Pharmacy | Class of 2019

A special thanks goes out to Dr. Sam Crane, the doctor who traveled with the IHSC to Panama. He was the original IHSC president at USF Health and now practices as an Ob-Gyn in Oregon.
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