1920's Heroes By: Ally Couts

Gertrude Ederle is a famous competition swimmer. She was the first women to ever swim across the English Channel and when she did she beat the records of the male swimmers before her. Some additional facts on Gertrude were; a movie was made about her life, she taught swimming to deaf children and she had a hearing problem that caused her to eventually go deaf.

Knute Rockne was a famous football player and coach for Notre Dame. He is still considered one of the best football coaches of all time. Some interesting facts about him were that he often started his full second string team in games, he created lighter more protective gear for his players and he played the flute in Notre Dames' orchestra.

James H Doolittle was a a famous pilot. In 1922 he was the first pilot to fly from coast to coast in under 24 hours. A few facts about him are that he was a gymnast and a boxer in high school, he was awarded the congressional medal of honor, and he helped invent technologies to help pilots fly in snow.

Jack Teagarden was a famous trombone player and jazz singer. He was called "The Father of Jazz, Trombone" and his music had a "bluesy" style. Some facts about him are that he recorded with Louis Armstrong, later in his life he was on a television show, and he knew how to play the trombone at age 10.

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter. He is a Olympic gold medalist and holds 3 world records. 3 interesting facts about him are that he has 9 gold Olympic medals, he is also very good at cricket and at the 15 he was the youngest junior gold medalist at the World Junior Championships.

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