Mary Ludwig Hays McCauley (mOLLY PITCHER)

Molly Pitcher was born on October 13th, 1754, near Trenton, New Jersey. When she was 14, she moved to Pennsylvania, where she met William (John) Hays. They married on July 4th the next year. Molly Pitcher died on January 22nd, 1832. She was 72 when she passed.

Mary McCauley earned the name "Molly Pitcher" by carrying buckets/pitchers of fresh water to soldiers during battle. When her husband collapsed during battle, She took his place at the cannons.

"Moll Pitcher she stood her gun and rammed the charges home sir." -Molly Pitcher

*Fun Fact*: Wile Molly was working at the cannons, an enemy cannon fired, and went right between her legs, leaving her unscathed.


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