Where I have Been to my family

After My brave men and i won the war and they all went home i had to face the cicones. we killed the men who tried to battle us. then more men came and we lost some good men, but the men didnt listen to me when told them to leave. they should of listened to me and they would have made it.
we landed on the island of the lotus eaters and i sent two men to see the island. THey came across friendly people offing them a sweet flower. once they ate it they didn't want to leave the island. so i had to save them and tie them up to the ship. my men were nothing with out me.
we were excited to see land, so we went into a cave that someone was living in. we were expecting to be treated like guests, but the cyclops had a different idea of what to do with my men. He ate some men, then went to sleep. we could of killed him but we would of been trapped in the cave behind the bolder we could not get past. we stabbed him in the eye. my heroic thinking saved all of the other men by strapping them to the bottom of the monsters sheep to escape.
i would of been home a lot sooner if my men would have listened to me. we landed on the island of aeolia and met the king of the wind aeolus. he put all the stormy winds in a bag for us to get home fast and easy. he told us not to open the bag, one of my men who didn't trust me opened the bag. so it is his fault it took me all this time.
cannibas ate a lot of our men. only my ship made it out of there.
this lady turned my men into animals, even pigs so i did what i had to to get them back. she kept us there.
My man and I were sent to the underworld to get a safer route Home when I was there I ran to my mom she helped me get back to the ship full of men who needed me.
On our way home we past the sirens they were women with beautiful voices and of course they wanted to Luer me in to the rocks along with all my men, we were prepared so we got right past them.
Soon after getting past the sirens we came up to a whirlpool that could swallow up our ship
Scylla is a six headed monster and when ships pass, she swallows one man for each head. We lost many men.
I told them of the danger if Helios' flock is harmed. He is a God and those are his cattle that were on the island when we first landed there was a lot of food but I knew as time went on we would run out, my men waited and they starve there and did not eat the cattle but one day they thought that it could not get any worse so they ate the cattle
I landed on the island Phaeacia and King Alcinous gave me a boat and sent me on my way home. And now I am with you my family.


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