The Process What makes it ALL happen

The first thing I do when writing a story is create a story map. A story map helps me have my ideas in a visual, organized fashion. I think its easier to get a job done with a story map because then I'm usually able to see exactly what I need to do and when my deadline is.

My most recent story map

After completing my story map then I move on to research and interviews. I always bring me phone with me in order to record exactly what the source says. During interviews I usually write on notebook paper what the source says. If I don't get it all, then I go back and listen to exactly what they said. When finding resources I make sure to find creditable sites and give them credit if I use their information.

After I have my information that's when I start to write. I try to start with the most important information at top and then go down from there. With editorials its important to state your opinion right away. Having numerous pieces of information/ research makes writing easier and the story's flow better.

Once the story is written I print it out and have people edit it. I usually try to have multiple people edit it or my teacher just to make sure we get all the errors. We also look for anything that isn't creditable and take it out or change it. we try to make our writing non-bias.

Copying editing guide used in Torch.

I use copy editing in all the aspects of Journalism. Whether its a story, page, or picture. After proof reading and editing my drafts I upload my final story to SNO and publish.

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