The Roaring Twenties The twenties although it was a time of change it was mainly based off the thought of returning to normalcy.

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"Southern trees bear strange fruit, blood on the leaves and blood at the root, black bodies swinging in the southern breeze,strange fruit hanging, from the poplar tress."(Meeropol,para 1).

This quote shows that although African Americans were aloud to speak up and talk, they weren't as free as one might of thought during this time period. It was as if it was all a facade, sure their was good and happy times but what was really lingering in the back ground. This poem shows the bad, it tells you what was happening to African Americans in a time things were supposed to be changing, they were being torture, murdered, and used for lynchings. And who do you ask was the leader of these heinous crimes, that is the KKK. This group was emphamis during this time, they showed themselves publicly, they weren't afraid of backlash from the law. They did this by claiming themselves to be Christian, that they followed these acts in the name of their religion, and for the health of their people.

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"And grateful, too, that we have a christian man for governor who will defend the word of God against this so-called science."(Mrs. Jesse Sparks,para 1).

This quote comes from a women who opposes the learning of evolution in school.She believes that it will diminish a child's sense of religion, that their thought of God will be destroyed. But why should they stay on the path of faith in school, isn't their right to want to expand their outlook on life, after all this period is suppose to be for exploration, not restriction. This is another reason why the twenties weren't as free as people may have thought. People in this time period are still trying to focus on religion and their still letting it have an huge effect on their life and what they can and can't do. Doing this is stopping their focus on the main goal of the twenties and that is progress, working towards their future.

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"It is especially directed at the immoral foreigner, usually an alien,who had largely stopped killing with a knife from hate or wit a gun for hire, and has gone into the preparation and thoughtless selling of poison for profit."(The New York Times,para 2).

This time period hurt more than just one race, it spread it's claws and dug them into the topic of immigration as well, it was as if the prohibition was formed out of the hate for those who might not be as American as people want them to be. But is that even truly a thing, what makes you a non alien of the U.S, since we all are immigrants. The prohibition just let people express their feelings towards immigrants as an positive for the cause, but it just hurt their own image more. Whoever was a supporter of the Prohibition was shunned because of the many who thought they needed beer or wanted it for their own pleasure. Which I see their point, is it really the governments right to take something against the public's free will?All that we stand for as the United States is the freedom to speak up and do what we please that is with in the law. But the law should only provide it justices to a certain extent,shouldn't it?


I agree that the twenties showed moments of greatness, of progress for the future, especially for women and what they could and couldn't do. Women started to go out and explore things, even themselves, through fashion such as the flapper dresses and through a lack of modesty. This was really expiring for other women to come out and to become their own person, this showed progress for the twenties. But their was a slight problem with the change for women, men still disagreed with what women were doing. Women were looked down upon for wearing less modest things, as if it was a disgrace towards the men, but it was really just a way for them to be their true selves finally. Women in the workforce is what truly showed the return to normalcy, and that is because they still weren't fully appreciated in their job as the men were, they were paid less than men for the same work. So during this time period although women made some progress,men still didn't take them seriously, which was part of the reason this all started in the first place.

This political cartoon shows the need for parents during the twenties to tear down the ethics of education due to fundamentalism,which was based off the word of the bible. This shows that during this time the adults were the ones setting things back for their own children's future, they forbid them to learn something new if it wasn't based off the bible, just because it might go against their religion. They were belittling new ideas in the hopes of saving them and their children in the word of God.Which is fine but only use it in the case of church,it's likes separating church from state. You have to be able to do yourself a favor and let little things go for the greater good, for you and your children.

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