Vulnerability of the Weak Francisco Rivera

Universal Theme

Being weak leaves you vulnerable to the bad strong.

Of Mice and Men

"Well, you keep your place then. I could get you strung up on a tree so easy it ain't even funny." Crooks had reduced himself to nothing. There was no personality, no ego—nothing to arouse either like or dislike."

This quote from the story "Of Mice and Men" shows how Crooks, who had no power on the ranch, was threatened by Curley's wife , who had a lot of power on the ranch. This shows how the weak are vulnerable to the strong and can get hurt because they are so weak.


"The fourth grade struggled out, seized erasers and began to remove the animals to make room for their numbers. They had not made two sweeps when Tularecito charged. It was a great day. Miss Martin, aided by the whole school, could not hold him down, for the enraged Tularecito had the strength of a man, and a madman at that. The ensuing battle wrecked the schoolroom, tipped over the desks, spilled rivers of ink, hurled bouquets of Teacher’s flowers about the room. Miss Martin’s clothes were torn to streamers, and the big boys, on whom the burden of the battle fell, were bruised and battered cruelly."

As you can see, Tularecito was vulnerable to Miss Martin and the boys. Tularecito was very strong and was very much capable to hurt someone. Miss Martin couldn't do anything to stop Tularecito from hurting anyone and destroying the classroom. She got hurt and injured just like the other students.


"She tried not to look as they passed (the chrysanthemums in the road), but her eyes would not obey. She whispered to herself sadly, "He might have thrown them off the road. That wouldn't have been much trouble."

This quote shows that the man took advantage of Elisa and threw her chrysanthemums on the road when he knew she loved them very much. Elisa was very sad when she saw her Chrysanthemums on the road because they were very dear to her. She loved them as they were her own kids.

Impact On Our Society

Being weak can make you vulnerable to others who are stronger than you. This can relate to bullying. There are many people who get bullied and can't do anything about it because they are to weak. The stronger bullies will always pick on the smaller, weaker kids. There is just nothing the weak can do against the strong.

As you can see, the weak will always be vulnerable to the strong. The weak can't do anything against the strong because they have a big disadvantage against the strong.

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