Caleb Goals By Caleb Aguilera

S: I want to read a book before I graduate high school in June.

M: I must achieve this goal before the deadline of my graduation.

A: Yes it can!

R: Yes this a real goal that can be obtained.

T: This is a time achievement and can be done on time.

S: Going to Hawaii during the Thanksgiving

M: Yes by saving my money during the summer and working a lot to getting my money.

A: Yes this can be achievable by working extra hours and taking peoples shift.

R: It can be attained when putting work ethic into the processes.

T: I have until November 26, 2017 to reach my deadline to by the tickets and Airbnb.

S: I want to save save 1,500 each in four years to use for my self.

M: I must keep my pace and make sure I am not buying nothing that is expensive.

A: I can achieve this buy keeping track of how much I make in all my checks.

R: It is relevant to me because I like to nice and also spend on my girl Ana Karla

T: My dead line is on Dec. 15 2022 to reach as much as I can.


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