My Experience at Harn Museum of Art Created by paul Silva

Medium of Art

Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Net Museum? Update-2012

This piece of artwork includes not only a condemnation of the continuing objectification of women but also includes a photo of a morph between a gorilla and a woman. This symbolism is meant to emphasize women's objectification and compare women in nudes to animals. The photo of a bestial woman along with the disturbing caption evokes a sense of disappointment and sadness that society continues to view women as inferior to men. The technique of combining this disturbing image with an equally appalling call to action so as to decrease inequality within our society, is extremely effective.

Design of the Museum

Florida Everglades and Estuary Exhibit

This part of the exhibit really made me feel like I was in a estuary. The apparent reality of the birds, mangroves, and even the mangrove roots facilitated my "travel" and relaxation within the natural realm. The designers did a great job creating the props of the two birds in the photo above. The placement of the birds also was very realistic. That's exactly where they would be in real life. By going to the exhibit, I felt like I was back on a boating trip in South Florida, where we would observe from afar animals interacting with one another from afar. The placement and detail of the art/props contributed to its realistic character.

Art and Core Values

Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Waters -Audrey, Flack 1991

This sculpture evokes a great sense of pride in me. Throughout my life, I have been devoted to working hard in order to achieve my goal of entering public service. It has been my dream to become President of the United States one day. This art emphasizes the importance of democracy in my life. I have so much pride and joy in my country. My pride and patriotism has given my life direction and since the age of 11. I have been working to educate myself in order to be prepared to enter politics. Whatever problem I have in my life, I can always be healed by remembering the freedom I have in this country. This statue reminds me of how lucky I am to live in this country and that I can achieve anything if I work hard enough for it.

Art and the Good Life

Sheep Wranglers-Justine Kurland, 2002

This piece represents the key ingredient of creating a good life-relationships. These girls, while they should be wrangling the sheep, are instead enjoying themselves through interacting with one another. Relationships are the most important things in our lives. It can be easy to get distracted in life but this photo emphasizes the need to relax, form relationships, and enjoy ourselves. Only through nurturing relationships can we truly achieve a good life.

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