Micro-Internship Toolkit Resources for Implementation


Micro-internships are virtual interactions connecting regional industry partners with students aimed at teaching a select industry-specific technical and/or essential skills in a short period of time.

In small groups of 4-6 participants, micro-internships allow students to:

  • Ask industry experts in-depth questions
  • Learn and practice foundational work-place related skills
  • Participate in work-related exercises
  • Gain detailed feedback on work
  • Broaden their professional network

This toolkit contains resources that can be utilized and modified as needed by teachers/districts to implement micro-internships in their communities. The Micro-Internship Taskforce comprised of the Alliance for Education & Mountain Desert Economic Partnership piloted this project and contributed resources to this toolkit.

Industry Partner Recruitment

8 Weeks Prior

Identify potential partners in your region
Contact partners
Send email
Include a flyer

Industry Partner Meeting

7 Weeks Prior

Schedule an online meeting with industry partner
Review discussion points
Go through & help complete the Industry Form

Student Application

7 Weeks Prior

Create student application form

Student Recruitment

6 Weeks Prior

Share the flyer and session details with students

*Suggestion: Embed application link within the flyer

Student Application Screening

6 Weeks Prior

Monitor for submission and participation
Screen applications to identify participants

Student Correspondence

4 Weeks Prior

Send acceptance/denial emails to students

Student Registration

3-4 Weeks Prior

Send selected students registration link

Release Forms

2-3 Weeks Prior

Send release forms to students

Industry Partner Session Support

3 Weeks Prior

Guide industry partner to build session
Email Session Details

Micro-internship Facilitation

Day of Session

Beginning of session
  • Teacher opens 'room' 15 minutes before
  • Industry partner logs in 10 minutes before
  • Teacher makes industry partner a co-host
  • Teacher and industry partner do a tech check
  • Industry partner shares screen
  • Students are admitted into the room 5 minutes before
  • Teacher begins recording session (if permissible)
During the Session
  • Teacher reviews online etiquette and professional expectations with students
  • Teacher introduces industry partner
  • Teacher remains throughout session, providing additional support when needed
  • Teacher facilitates 'brain breaks' as needed
End of Session
  • Teacher and/or industry partner reviews the independent assignment/project (if applicable)
  • Teacher reminds students of date and time for next session (if applicable)
  • Teacher and students thank the industry partner
  • Teacher reminds students to look for an email requesting their feedback
  • Teacher reminds students to also look for their badge via email

Student Feedback

2 Days After

Email students

Student Recognition

3-5 Days After

Create badges at www.badgr.com
  • Set up a free account
  • “Create Issuer” and set up your organization as the issuer
  • Under “Issuer,” click on “Create Badge”
  • Complete the: General Information, Earning Criteria, & Alignment
  • Click on “Create Badge”
  • Click on “Award Badge”
  • Enter email address of recipients
  • Click “Award Badge”
Notify students

Partner Appreciation

5-7 Days After

Send thank you note

Suggestion: Include student testimonials when possible

The micro-internship is a novel and fantastic idea! I encourage every person I talk with about careers to do informational interviews and I found that the micro-internship was a viable format. The students seemed interested and were engaging. It was a pleasure and I look forward to being part of these in the future.

Ashraf Hamdi, Senior Operations Manager, ConvergeOne


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