The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Callie mcdowell

When first walking into the theatre, everything looked very fancy. There were canvas pictures on the walls outside that looked very nice and set the tone of the play. When i entered the lights were dimmed and we were sat in seats according the order you entered the theatre. I felt very anxious because i did not know what to expect since i have never attended a live play before. I sat in the back and although I was pretty far from the actors and actresses, i could see the whole theatre and everyones reaction to certain parts of the performance. The place of the play has a huge affect on the play itself because it can set a negative or positive tone before the play even begins. I think the Constants Theatre sets a positive tone, helping achieve the "good life" because it makes people excited for what is to come next.

I attended the play with 3 of my friends. We all got ready together and walked over to the Reitz Union. None of knew what to expect other than what we have heard from people who have previously attended a play, so we were all very excited. It was nice to go with a group of friends because we could discuss our feelings entering the theatre and how we felt about the atmosphere. When i got confused about what was happening in the play, i could quietly ask my friends to clarify it for me so i was no longer confused by it. After the play we walked home and discussed our feelings towards the play and overall we all enjoyed the experience. Going with a group of friends enhanced the "good life" because it turned just watching a play, to a social experience and something my friends and I could connect through.

This play occurred in Quebec City in the late 1800's and early 1900's, as I could tell by the way the actors were dressed and their lifestyles. The central issue addressed was the conflict between the two seminarians; the Catholic Church and Sarah Bernhardt, the world of theatre. Before the play i did not know much about this, but after the play i understood the conflict a lot more. Although this conflict did not pertain to my life necessarily, I can completely understand how some people could really connect with this issue. I also found it cool how it was a play about a real life, well known actress like Sarah Bernhardt.

In Greek, the term Katharsis refers to the process of "coming clean". In terms of coming clean we must examine our lives and figure out what we must change in our, in which this play gives us an opportunity to do so. This play shows the impact we have on the people around us and how our actions can affect them. In the play some of of the characters have major flaws in which we can point out and compare to our own flaws. After this we can change those flaws and make ourselves better people, leading us in path to the "good life"

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