Delta Rail Lines The Future Of Transportation

In my view, this is the future of transportation. Ideas create jobs and if you want to create a lot of jobs you need to think BIG! You would not reach for a band aid to mend a broken bone, so thinking you can rely on small ideas to get a lot of people working will not work either.

Focusing on existing infrastructure is not manufacturing, it is maintenance. Nothing new is being created. No new factories will open. Maglev technology was invented in this country but abandoned in favor of the automobile.

Airplanes will get more efficient but the overall design is not going to change so the airline industry will always be limited by the Hub and Spoke System. The Hub and Spoke system is essentially a horizontal wheel. The next stage in all aspects of life is to float The wheel, whether horizontal or vertical, has served its purpose but its design can take us no further. Let the Hover Revolution begin!

Delta Rail Lines

Delta Trains would simply be another arm of their business. Airline travel would not vanish but the load could be offset which means the skies would be less congested and more leg room on each airplane.

Maglev Trains tested in low pressure tunnels have been proven to achieve speeds comparable to that of todays turbojet aircraft. A massive tunnel system would need to be created under existing rail lines and the trains would operate from city center to city center cutting travel time even further.

Future Transport Maglev

This is manufacturing! A project this massive would create millions of jobs and at this point we can't afford not to do it. The future that would be is the Now That Is. Thanks for your time and attention.

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